Simple Throws Are Simple, But Not Easy

Ags OC, Noel Mazzone is doing a nice job creating easy reads in the pass game for Kellen Mond.  But, those reads still look like Tolstoy too often to the freshman.  Let’s take a look at one of these plays.

Ags in a signature 1 back look on 3rd and 6.  4 WRs on the field.


Note that the free safety is at 18 yards depth at the snap and on the near hash.  He is probably in a cover 1 alignment and going to provide shade help on Ratley.   He moves out of the screen so I can’t be sure.  I’d also guess he is deeper than normal depth (typically about 15 yards) based on the field position and Ag’s tendencies.  Otherwise it looks like the Florida DBs are in man coverage, with the strong safety bracketing over Kirk.  The safety moves with Kirk.


3 WRs to the top of the screen as Christian Kirk motions to the top of the screen to create a trips look.  Ratley is the single WR to the nearside. Notice how both the strong safety and the slot corner make a fist over their heads.  Not a black power acknowledgement.  I believe they are making a switch call.   They are going to switch their responsibilities based on what routes Buckley and Kirk run.


Kirk waits and stacks behind Buckley.  He is going to use Buckley to rub the slot corner and cut off of this “rub”.  2 things need to happen:  1. Buckley has to create incidental physical contact with the DB and allow Kirk to get to the proper depth to convert a first down.  This is a common route combo to beat man coverage.


Buckley does a decent job of creating contact.  But the rub breaks down for 1 of 2 reasons.  Buckley does not get deep enough and/or Kirk is not close enough to him.  The result is that the DB easily switches off Buckley and plays Kirk on the out pattern.  Meanwhile, the strong safety now has Buckley.


But the beauty of this route combination and scheme is that Mond still gets to make an easy read.  The slot corner can’t play both WRs!  So, there is still an easy window to quickly hit Buckley once the slot corner jumps Kirk.  Note #14 wide open for an easy first down conversion.  But, that doesn’t happen and the ball goes to Kirk, who also is not at first down depth.  The result: bring on the punt team.

These type of route combinations are common in the Ag’s pass game and they work well to create simple, safe reads for Mond.  But, he is still having trouble getting to his secondary reads when needed.  This is a perfect example of that.

To watch live: Go to 4:08


Huge thanks to Woodlands Aggie.

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