Play Design That Will Work vs. A Grantham Defense

This is just a quick example of a play I came across while doing some film review for STATE.  Todd Grantham is a very good DC, with tons of NFL experience, but his DBs are generally very aggressive in run support and he is susceptible to plays that can bait the DBs using run action and throw it over their heads.  He will also play a lot of cover zero and cover 1 and expects his safeties to be very aggressive in run support.   This was a problem for him at Georgia and it is no small coincidence that this was the first offensive play that Georgia chose to run vs STATE.


1st and 10.  Georgia is in 2 TE look.  2 WRS and a single back. State counters with a 50 front. The Georgia WR on the nearside, motions into the box and sells a down block with some hesitation.


Georgia hands the ball to it’s back and all the defenses eyes are focused on him.  Even the corner #7.  Totally loses sight of his WR.  But, notice by motioning him into the box, they create an opportunity for distraction by the run action.  This doesn’t happen as easily or quickly if the WR is on the hash.  This is a great concept and something the Ags should be doing more with Kirk.


I’ve circled here are the 2 safeties for STATE. #41 and #38.  They came flying up the field after the initial handoff so fast, because they both read the blocks of the TEs.  So I believe STATE actually went cover 0 here.  Notice both TEs blocking and the safeties who I have circled.   Impossible to know, but there is absolutely nobody left in the middle of the field.  state3

The result is a TD on the first offensive play of the game.

To watch live, go to 1:34:

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