Scouting STATE: QB Power

State will run this play 10-12 times a game. They will run it out of every formation imaginable.  But, its the same play.  Generally, they pull the guard and lead with the guard and tailback.  Its an old school power blocking concept.  I’d call QB Power.  It’s a beautiful old school football play.  I’ve always loved it.


You’ll see them run it with 2TEs, trips, 1TE, 1 HB.  Goal line, middle of the field, etc etc.  It’s a bread and butter play for Mullen back to Tim Tebow and maybe before that.  Very simple play: QB takes the snap and allow for his back to lead him through the hole.  The back will block outside threat and the QB cuts inside or outside the block.


The guard also pulls and leads into the hole.


I could show you hundreds of examples of this play going for big yardage. But, on this particular play Georgia, specifically #52, whips the tackle and destroys it.   As always, if the DL whips the OL, run plays don’t work.


Notice how Georgia plays this alignment at the snap.  State has 3 WRs nearside.  And Georgia leaves 1 uncovered, using a safety over the top on that side.  The opposite side corner becomes almost an 8th box defender, because State has a TE on that side.  But this also creates an opportunity for a quick throw to the nearside, because STATE has them outnumbered here.  Again, probably a great job by UGA to play tendencies of a Dan Mullen offense.


Now, let’s contrast that directly with how the Ags played a similar play in 2016.  Notice the 1 TE, 1 RB.  Trips look for STATE.  Ags are in a 4 down look, with a LB walked out over the WR.  Safety on the far hash.  And Armani Watts is 15 yards off completely off the screen!


Ags try to bring their LB on a pressure from the wide side of the field.  But State runs to the boundary and has a huge numbers advantage, especially when you consider 1 defender is a small corner, DCS.  Ags really never have a chance.


It’s green grass for miles. Credit DCS with fighting off his block or this is a TD.  Note that Armani Watts is still not in the screen.  Where are you, sir?

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