Would Blocking People Help the Aggie Offense?

Much of the issues experienced by the Aggie offense can be traced to QB, youth, inexperience, execution.  But, the inability of the OL to block 3 or 4 rushers has been a major issue all year.  Saturday night against Mississippi State this issue removed any small chance A&M had to score enough points to win the game.


Here, on 3rd and 5, Mazzone calls a pass play and State sends only 3 rushers.  The 5 man A&M OL completely leaves the best DL on the field, #9 Montez Sweat, unblocked.  The result is a sack and pant.


This is another 3rd and 5.  Aggies have another pass called and again State sends only 3 down rushers, while also sending the nickel back on a delay blitz.  State has 4 rushers and the Ags have 5 OL and a RB, but fail to pick up the blitz and State pressures Mond into an early throw.


This is a QB draw that A&M has set up on 2nd and 10.  State sends their OLB, #9 Montez Sweat on a twist stunt. ol4

This should be the absolute perfect look for this play.  State is in a 5 man box, which means if the Ags OL can get a hat on a hat they are set up for a big gain with nobody in the middle of the field.  Colton Prater #76 picks up Sweat on the twist.


But Sweat is so strong he knocks #76 2 yards back into QB Kellen Mond.  He is now able to close the run lane.


And ultimately generate a TFL.  This is a situation where Mazzone has a good call and favorable numbers, but the physical ability to execute the assignment dooms the play.


Here is another situation where State sends only 3 rushers.ol8

Ags right tackle has a 1 on 1 block with Sweat.ol9

Sweat executes a mean swat move and gets free to the QB, forcing Mond to bail the pocket and get rid of the ball.  Again, A&M loses badly in a 3 on 5 situation.


This is the play where Mond is knocked out of the game.  Again, State only sends 3 initially.  A&M has a shovel pass/screen set up to #25.ol11

The corner #7 then comes on a delayed blitz.  But, note how far he has to come to get to the QB.ol12

Despite the Ags having 5 blockers, he is never seen or picked up and almost decapitates Mond.  I would assume because he came from the corner, he was Mond’s responsibility.  But this was another slow developing blitz situation that should have been blocked adequately enough to execute the play.  Despite the incredible speed of #7, this is a basic corner blitz that must be recognized.

When a team can get the kind of pressure State generated with 3 and 4 rushers, your offense has almost no chance of success.  It’s really that simple.  They can drop ends and LBs into the underneath zones all day making life difficult on young QBs.  It’s a bad sign for those holding out hope for offensive production this season.


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2 thoughts on “Would Blocking People Help the Aggie Offense?”

  1. Your point is spot on, but as Stephen Magee demonstrated in The Film Room this week, some of these miscues are on Mond not recognizing defenses and countering. Your first example above is the same or very similar play that he said Mond should be able to see that and throw to the void on that left side instead of keeping his back turned and looking to the right. The combo of a young, inexperienced OL AND QB isn’t likely to succeed. I thought the entire team looked like they hadn’t practiced much in the previous two weeks and were ill prepared for this game against a very worthy and well coached team.

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